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Dementia Brain Games – Jigsaw Puzzles

Dementia Brain Games – Jigsaw Puzzles is next up in my Brain Games series. Can you walk past a puzzle and not try to find just 1 piece!  I’ve rounded up 10 free online websites where your loved one with dementia can work on putting together a puzzle. I read over and over again that […]

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Summer Olympic Games Ideas for a Memory Care Unit

Host your own version of Nursing Home Summer Olympics. The Olympic Games are coming around again this summer in Paris, France, starting at the end of July. Nursing Home Olympic Games For all you Memory Care Activity Directors, activity leaders and caregivers, I have rounded up some blog posts with ideas for games you can […]

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Dementia Care: Navigating Water and Hydration

Dementia water hydration! Tough situation for many caregivers. How to get your loved one to drink more water? Read on to find information, tips and a list of suggested foods to help keep your loved one with dementia hydrated. Why Water is So Important I never really drank much water until I started working out […]

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