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Dementia Care: Navigating Water and Hydration

Dementia water hydration! Tough situation for many caregivers. How to get your loved one to drink more water? Read on to find information, tips and a list of suggested foods to help keep your loved one with dementia hydrated. Why Water is So Important I never really drank much water until I started working out […]

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Outdoor Activities for Seniors with Memory Loss

What are some spring/summer, even fall, outside activities that can be enjoyed by seniors with memory loss? Check out the list below for ideas. outdoor activities for seniors with dementia Go for a nature walk. Talk about what you see, hear, smell, and feel.  Along your walk, collect items of interest for later use. Do […]

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Dementia Brain Games – Matching Activities

Matching Activities are one kind of cognitive exercise you can do with your loved one. I’m sure by now, that most of you know what happens to people when they have dementia or mild cognitive impairment. It’s characterized by forgetfulness and memory loss. You may see poor judgment in the person wearing inappropriate clothing for […]

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